About Us

Our Mission

Life can take us out of balance. We spend endless hours sitting, driving, typing at a computer, and staring down at our phones. When we are out of balance, our bodies simply cannot function properly. Tension in our neck and shoulders, rounded spine, and poor posture lead to additional problems and injuries. Finding your balance is about so much more than losing weight and having a toned body. It’s about standing taller, feeling energized, making healthier decisions, and being confident in the skin you’re in. We aren’t promising extreme weight loss or body transformations. What we are promising is that you will be stronger, you will minimize your risk for injury, and you will have a clearer mind when you leave the studio. At Balanced Pilates and Barre Studio, we strive to provide a friendly and encouraging environment where every client receives individualized attention. Our instructors are able to give modifications and variations to each individual client to ensure a safe and effective workout.

Meet Our Staff

Martina Sprague

Level 4 Instructor

Martina Sprague is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor and owner of Balanced Pilates and Barre Studio. After working in the biotech industry for several years, Martina realized that health, fitness, and helping others was her true calling and decided to pursue her passion for Pilates. She trained at the world renowned Equilibrium Pilates Studio and is certified in the full repertoire for STOTT PILATES Matwork & Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels, as well as Injuries & Special Populations. She has also completed and certified in the advanced repertoire on all equipment. Martina is one of the few instructors in the tri-state area to complete this high level certification.

She brings a positive energy, motivational attitude, and extensive knowledge to every class and session. She loves working with all ages and fitness levels; especially those who are new to Pilates! When she’s not teaching or practicing Pilates, she loves to play tennis, ski, and read! Martina lives in Newtown with her husband Kevin, their two daughters, Charlotte and Jacqueline, and their dog Chula.

Martina Sprague | Balanced Pilates and Barre Studio

Ellen Serino

Level 3 Instructor

Ellen is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor. She has completed the full repertoire for STOTT PILATES Matwork & Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels. She is a former gymnast and has been teaching Pilates for 20 years. Ellen is passionate about health and fitness and says Pilates is her “fountain of youth!” With her detailed instruction, you will achieve strength, flexibility, and knowledge about your postural alignment that will carry into your everyday life. She’s a mom of three and lives in Brookfield with her husband and cat, Bootsie.

Ellen Serino | Balanced Pilates and Barre Studio

Mary Beth Doolan

Level 3 Instructor

Mary Beth is comprehensively certified in Physical Mind Pilates and Balanced Body and has been teaching for almost 20 years. She has completed the full repertoire for Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels.After years of constant exercise without much change, she found Pilates and was blown away by the changes she saw in her body. This motivated her to become a Pilates instructor so that she could help others reap the benefits of Pilates.

When she’s not teaching Pilates, she is an avid runner. She ran the NYC marathon and loves teaching Pilates to fellow runners. Her classes are always energetic and challenging, leaving you wanting more!

Mary Beth Doolan | Balanced Pilates and Barre Studio

Jennifer Nirenberg

Level 2 Instructor

Jen is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor. Jen’s classes cater to all fitness levels, but you can always expect a challenging workout with a killer playlist!

When Jen isn’t in the studio teaching or taking classes herself, some of you may know her as BeautyinPlastics on Instagram. Her pure passion for all things beauty and aesthetics is a perfect match for the pilates world.

Jennifer Nirenberg | Balanced Pilates and Barre Studio

Kim McArdle

Level 1 Instructor

Kim is a STOTT PILATES trained instructor. She is currently working towards completing the full repertoire for STOTT PILATES Matwork & Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, & Barrels. Kim is a pharmacist by day, but Pilates is her passion. She believes that Pilates is an opportunity to not only improve your posture, balance, and flexibility long-term, but also to build an impactful mind and body connection.

Kim enjoys working with people of all ages and fitness levels. Her warm energy and inviting spirit will leave you feeling confident and encouraged to continue your practice. When Kim isn’t at the studio, you can find her spending time with her fiancé, Casey, hiking with their dog, Colby, or cozying up at home reading!

Kim McArdle | Balanced Pilates and Barre Studio

Timmy Hays

Level 1 Instructor

Timmy Hays is a STOTT PILATES trained instructor. With 15 years of experience as a professional actress, dancer, and choreographer, Timmy brings a dynamic energy and passion for movement to her Pilates instruction. Hailing from the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota, she brings a unique blend of Midwestern warmth and theatrical flair to her classes. She lives in Newtown with her fiancé Dan, and their puppy Maggie.

Timmy Hays | Balanced Pilates and Barre Studio